Design for ceramics and glass

I have designed a wide variety of ceramic and glass products, bringing to these projects a unique blend of experience in design, drawing, sculpture, pottery making, mold & model making, and ceramic manufacturing.  I specialize in the design of shapes (as opposed to two-dimensional surface decoration.)

Some designs are expressions of my own ideas, while others fulfill specific assignments from manufacturing clients. I think of design as solving problems with consideration of esthetics, function, manufacturing, and marketing. 

As a designer/modelmaker, I can integrate the design and modeling processes, saving time and expense. My model making skills and specialized workshop often allow me to sketch directly in three dimensions, making the design process more spontaneous and efficient.

As a ceramist, I understand, and design for, specific techniques of ceramic production. For example, I've designed dinnerware shapes for production on specific machines and even for specific kiln furniture. In designing shapes that are to be molded, I consider parting lines and mold configuration from the start.

I have had a lifetime of study of historical forms and have built an extensive reference library on ceramics and other decorative arts.

As a designer, my particular areas of interest include:

Functional and decorative dinnerware, housewares, giftware, etc.
Relief-sculpted surface design
Sculptural objects, both figurative and abstract
Adaptation of historical shapes
Pressed and cast glass objects

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Plaster models for Rookwood/ Mottahedeh trays

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Two reproduction projects from 2014

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Three decisions to make when designing a mold for slipcast pottery

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Block and Case- confusing nomenclature

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