Design, Modelmaking, and Moldmaking for the Ceramic and Glass Industry since 1983

Welcome to my website.  I am a freelance designer, sculptor, modelmaker and moldmaker. For over 35 years, I have provided product development services to the tableware, giftware and related industries. Working primarily in plaster, I have played a key role in the creation of hundreds of new products in ceramics, glass, and metal.

My clients range from the giants of mass-market dinnerware, to the makers of the finest porcelain and crystal, to the studios of individual artists, designers, and craftspeople. I've made molds for a wide variety of specialty manufacturers, from tiny porcelain dolls to huge silicone carbide industrial parts. 

Models and molds leave my studio, near Albany, NY, destined for factories throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

My work is informed by a lifetime of experience as an artist, designer, sculptor, teacher, potter, and mold & model maker. I also bring an academic education in Fine Arts and Ceramics (High School of Music and Art, NYC;  BFA, Rhode Island School of Design;  MA, California State University, Fullerton).

Over the years I have built an excellent, well-equipped, 1500 sq.ft. studio, unique in its dedication to sculpting, modelmaking, and moldmaking in plaster and related materials.

I am known for working collaboratively with clients on any stage in the development of new ceramic and glass shapes: concept, sketches, study models, working drawings, master models, molds, and master tooling.

Some projects call for precisely machined shapes, based on close-tolerance drawings. Others call for various degrees of creative design, hand work, and sculptural invention. My goal is always to meet or exceed clients' expectations in a timely manner, and to have it be an enjoyable, creative experience for all.

I encourage you to explore this website:

The Services section describes the services I offer in design, product development, and moldmaking.

The Portfolio pages illustrate past projects, organized by client.

Shop Talk is my blog. - materials and processes, past projects, artwork, collections, and commentary. 

About takes you to a brief autobiographical sketch. 

Clients takes you to a list of past clients.

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Artwork - galleries of personal work



Creative solutions in product design including concept,
research, development, drawing,
and model making.
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Design, presentation, and study models. Master models for plaster mold making. Models for RAM press, metal casting, glass casting
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Plaster piece molds for slipcast
and other ceramics. Block & case, Rubber molds, Master tooling for various casting processes.
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Design, sculpting, and modeling
of products based on historical
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Workshops, lectures, and demonstrations. Educational programs about design, plaster work for ceramics, and ceramic production.
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